Thursday, April 23, 2009

It's now technically Friday. I really don't know why I feel the need to update right now. I'm super tired and have nothing to say that is so important that it can't wait until tomorrow.

I may have stated these things before. Bare with me...

Tomorrow (technically today...) Miles and I are going to get some things done before I go to Art History at noon. We're going to go apply for an apartment, check out wedding rings, and take a couple things back from the bridal shower. I may search for some blank cards so I can send out graduation announcements and thank you cards.

I'm actually thinking that I'd like for my graduation get together to be fairly small. There are so many events going on in past/next couple of months where all of the family gets together that I think it'd be nice to just have the immediates and some friends. I just want to eat chicken and/or pork chops. That's how I want to celebrate graduation.

I look forward to being done with school.
I look forward to having time for cleaning. (My room is in desperate need of a good cleaning....)
I look forward to trying to find a new job. (Though I also loathe trying to find a new job.)
I look forward to finishing up the wedding planning.
I look forward to not having ink stained hands from printmaking. (I got two more prints done today!)

In other news, I have a lot to do still.
Tomorrow after Miles and I are productive, I am going to Art History, transferring a photo to a new plate (my first plate has died a slow death) then doing the first etch for that, possibly going to Joann's to find some fabric to match my wedding shoes (I really should have done that last weekend, but I didn't have the time to), then going to work from 6-9:15. I don't mind working such a short shift. I actually like it. Right when I get there I start closing down for the evening.
Saturday I will go get the fabric if I don't have time to do it tomorrow, work from 1-5, go to school and hope to print another plate, print 20 photos and mat 10 photos, and hopefully get some stuff done for Portfolio.
Sunday is a day that I simply adore. I sleep late and listen to Bible studies all day. Around 6 I go to Miles' house and we read a couple chapters in whatever book we are in (currently it's Isaiah, which is wonderful) then around 7 we eat some food then have Bible study with his parents and Amber.

Monday is the last day of actual classes. I will only have Art History, but I don't think we'll technically have class. She is going to hand out the final (it's one we can take home) and we'll figure out where to eat for our final. We have to turn in all of our stuff for photo by 4 on Monday. Then that evening is the last senior show opening. I asked for the day off probably over a month ago so I'd be able to attend. So, since I'll be free I am going to finish up my prints and hopefully have time to work on Portfolio some more. Tuesday is an off day but we're still having Portfolio if we want to show up to work...and I do. I need to desperately.

Okay, so speaking of Portfolio. I had mentioned that I made a few random logos for my portfolio since I didn't have very many....I have pictures!

I've decided that I like to make logos. You can definitely tell that they were all made by the same person, though.

Now it is just getting ridiculous. I need sleep...I am going to have a hard time waking up, I think.

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  1. I especially like the wordsmith logo! Have you thought about where/what you want to do- I think you should do free lance photos, i do, i do! We will use you whenever we have the need for pics!