Wednesday, April 1, 2009


My knees hurt. I was power walking around the art department today. I had this feeling of urgency for most of the evening.

I started cutting mat board for my frames around 2:30 today. I didn't get done until 11:30. Of course I had a few moments of going and printing, chatting with Zach and Breanna, and checking up on Facebook and my email. But, either way, it's still far too long to be working on something. Also, I haven't worked since Friday evening, and that was only for 3 hours. When I have a long period where I'm not working my knees/legs in general hurt quite a bit when I go back. Obviously I didn't go back to work today, but I did stand for a long time working on those stupid frames.

I made the mistake of buying all white mat board. Really, it's no mistake, it just shows all the blemishes on the glass. Oh, I tried so hard to get all the spots and such off the glass before tacking down those metal things on the back of the frames. I think every single one needs to be reopened and cleaned again before the show.

The good news is that I don't have a ton to do anymore...for the show anyway. I still need to reprint a letterhead, finish up my bags, write my artist statement, figure out who is going to do the press release for our group, and try to get the pictures of ourselves done.

Tomorrow Kim is going to help Trisha and me finish up our plates for printmaking. We are both on our first (eek) so she helped us on Tuesday do the first etch. Tomorrow we're doing the second etch and I think going ahead and making some prints. The word on the street is that you can transfer and image onto the plates, easily and effectively. That would be so much easier and I could simply copy over photos. Oh, I need to figure out how to do that. It wouldn't take me much more time to get Printmaking done.
Then it'd be time for Portfolio.

I just ate Taco Bell and it was delicious. (I eat far too much fast food...but it's just so fast and it's just so food!)
I am going to get a snack then get ready for bed, but not before drinking a bunch of water. I'm very thirsty.

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