Thursday, April 23, 2009

Okay, so it's Thursday. It's supposed to be wonderful outside today, but currently it's storming. Noo!!

I'm possibly taking pictures of Sarah from work today. I've taken some of her before in the fall, but it got dark too early and we only had time to go to one place. This is the main reason I'd love for the weather to be nice today. Senior pictures in the rain don't work!

I'm currently wondering if I am supposed to actively pursue photography. Recently I realized that I am graduating in about 2 or so weeks and I haven't even starting looking for employment (other than Kmart...). I have, however, gotten quite a few requests that I take photos. Like: Samantha and Shane's wedding, my cousin Andi's daughter, my mom's friend's daughter, Stacie's family, Kaycee and Paul's wedding and H and Amanda's wedding. Plus I have a couple of people at work that I'm trying to convince to let me take their senior pictures.
I just like to take pictures...and I think I'd like to take a bunch when I have more time.

Tuesday in Portfolio I really didn't get very much done. There are too many distractions in that class and for some reason it is almost impossible for me to get anything done. I did, however, make a few random logos. Teresa always says how important logos are to show in your portfolio, and I didn't have very many. So, long story short, I made more logos on Tuesday. If I was smart I would have made them jpegs already so I could upload them to show...but I haven't. They're on illustrator, which I don't have on my computer. I think I'm fairly happy with them. But, I could hate them next time I see them.

Yesterday before I went to work I made prints of one of my plates...and it worked! How spectacular! Trisha helped, and I'm very glad she did, but then I felt bad because I had to leave for work before I could help her. My back/shoulder area is sore from rolling the ink so furiously. Now only four more to go! Ugh.

Today we take our stuff down in the gallery. I have no idea where I'm going to be putting this stuff. I really don't have room in my car for a painting, approximately 8 fairly large frames, and 2 graphics projects. Maybe I'll see if Teresa wants the bags and things from my projects. I have nowhere to put them and I don't know if I'll really need them after this.

Now I think it's time to get ready for school...I can't believe it's almost over.
I am going to have so much time.

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  1. I think you would be a spectacular photographer and have mentioned your name to a few friends who were getting married too. Why not do what you love? Life is too short to not use the talents God gave you and you definately have the eye for photos