Wednesday, April 15, 2009

This is unorganized...and a work in progress.

One thing down. Only so many more to go.

The senior show went wonderfully. The food showed up a little later than I would have hoped, but still on time. We had a pretty good turn out but were missing one person that should have been there...cough Megan cough. I only write that because I know Megan reads this...I understand that the Royals are much more important than me. Ugh!
Miles bought me pink roses and a watch and brought them to me at my show. It was sweet. I like him.

Usually in Portfolio I get absolutely nothing done. There are so many people and distractions. It's usually unbearably hot and I'm usually starving. Last night I actually made cards that will go with my CD in a theoretical leave behind and I took a few photos of projects. It was nice to actually get something done in there for a change. Tonight Trisha and I are going to go in and work on more Portfolio stuff when I get off work at 9:15. We were originally going to work on Printmaking, but the new plastic/Plexiglas plate has been eaten by acetone. That pushes our Printmaking progress back even farther.

I have to work tonight at 5. I don't want to, but again, it's only 4 hours so it shouldn't be too bad.

Last Saturday Mandy (!) and Miles' momma put on a bridal shower for me. Miles' mom made a cake and it was simply fantastic. At some point I promise to upload a photo of it...when I have more than half an hour before I go to work.

Okay, I'm stopping for the moment...but I will add onto this later....!

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  1. aww , Miles did good, and so did you- I looked at the show! I think I even got to linger longer because I didn't go with the crowd! Plus without me there on Monday night the Royals would have lost... its a fact :)