Monday, May 18, 2009

Two in one day?!

I do really think that I'll get to bed fairly early tonight. It's currently 11:30 and I'm super tired.

I did get quite a bit done today. Collin was here today so that slowed me down a bit when getting ready, but it was alright. First I ran to Kmart to ask Wanda if it would be okay if I used her as a reference on my résumé. She said yes, of course. Then I went to the bank to deposit $380 from graduation/taking pictures. I like to deposit must less depressing than withdrawing money. Next I met Amber at Arby's for lunch. Tomorrow is her birthday so I paid. After that Amber came with me to drop off the résumé at Roderick and to pick up the lighters and Miles' ring. I meant to drive her back to her car at Arby's so we could then head up to the north shops to do some shoe shopping for her. But, I got sidetracked and drove on by and ended up just driving us both up there. First we went to Target where the hunt for shoes failed, but I bought a bunch of blank cards and bags to put my bridesmaids' gifts in. Then we headed to Payless, Old Navy, Famous Footwear and Petco. Obviously we didn't go to Petco to look for shoes, but rather just to look at the animals. The north shops were disappointing in the shoe department, so Amber and I stopped by Sonic for some cherry limeades. They were delicious and it happened to be during the "happy hour" whatnot time so we ended up getting the drinks basically 2 for 1 since we weren't expecting it...woot! I finally took Amber back to her car, then we headed to the mall for more shoe searching. We looked at Rue 21, Deb and JCPenney and didn't find anything. Then we headed to Kmart. Guess what?! We found some brown slip-ons just like Amber wanted. Sounds great, eh? Nope, Amber's feet are too skinny. The 8s were too small, but the 8 1/2s were too wide. So, we went to Wal Mart with even less luck.

All in all it wasn't a very successful shopping day, but it was a successful hanging out with Amber day.

When we were at Wal Mart Miles called and said he was going to shower then head to my house. He asked if I wanted to cook and we all decided on spaghetti. So, I bought all of the things needed for spaghetti and meatballs and headed home. When Amber and I got to my house I saw that Aimee, Josh and Collin were there, so basically that meant that we were cooking out. Miles ended up stopping by Wal Mart on his way over to pick up some chicken, and we just ate with my family then ended up getting some Cabana. I think tomorrow night when I get off work I am going to cook spaghetti for Amber and Miles. I'm excited...I like spaghetti.

So, now I am trying to slowly and politely wake up Miles for the night. He has about 5 minutes to get up and around before he needs to leave for work. I'm also doing some laundry. It's amazing how fast it all piles up.

Maybe I'll be in bed by 1:00 tonight?!

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