Thursday, May 21, 2009

I didn't take my measurements yesterday. The funny thing is that the whole thing was my idea, and I didn't do it. Story of my life...oi.
Anyway, so I took my measurements today. I invented a new's called "Love Handles." Mine are 34". I never know if I'm taking the measurements at the right place, so I just guess...I figure as long as I take them at the same place then it really shouldn't matter.

Also, I am going to not drink pop. Of course, yesterday I did drink some pop. But, not really by choice. You see, I generally drink a big cup of coffee after I wake up. Well we were out of sugar, therefore coffee was out of the picture. So, I tried to suck it up and just take an ibuprofen, but that didn't help anything. I ended up sharing a Best Choice Cola with Collin. We like to get them addicted to caffeine young here at the Pike household.

I'm trying not to eat a bunch of junk. Guess what I've eaten so far today...
Let's see, I've had that big cup of coffee that I love so much (I bought sugar yesterday!), 4 small Reese's cups (not the big ones), 3 packs of fruit snacks (they're addicting, okay?), a banana and now I'm eating some Ramen noodles.
So, the only acceptable thing I've eaten so far today is that banana. I did choose to eat these Ramen noodles because I know I won't eat very much of it...and because I don't have any lunch meat or I would make a sandwich.

I have to work at 4 tonight. I'm on checkouts so I'll get out of there around 9 instead of 9:15. There's not a huge difference, but it's always nice to be able to leave while there's still people in the store...employees, not customers.

I don't work tomorrow, though. That'll be nice. I think I will go out and look for bridesmaids gifts again. Maybe I'll go buy more paper for candle holders and the 'guestbook' idea that I have. We'll see.

For now I guess I should eat a few more of these mediocre noodles then get ready for work.

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