Friday, May 29, 2009

I have pictures!

Today I went to Samantha's rehearsal. It was an okay time. Kind of awkward just since I didn't really know anyone other than Samantha and kind of Shane. I had taken my camera and new lens with me, but I forgot to grab my lens when I went in. When I realized that I didn't have it with me I figured that I left it at home. Then the rehearsal was over, or about as over as it was going to get before I had to leave for work, I got in my car and looked over. Of course I had brought my lens with me, I just forgot it there. I better remember everything tomorrow.

Amber is going with me tomorrow. I have to be there at 3. No, I really don't have to be there at 3, but I told Samantha that I would be there when she started to get ready. Then later I asked Shane how cooperative he'll be when I'm taking pictures of him and his guys. They're getting ready downstairs and it's amazing down there. It's like an old library in one part and the other part is like this red and black room with a bar. Good for pictures, I'm hoping.

Anyway, so I said that I have pictures.

These are Mandy's children as Mandy obviously knows. They're cute, and I take a lot of pictures of them. I just finished editing these pictures today. I had taken them a couple weeks ago, and I took so many that I just got burnt out on editing pictures in general for about 2 days.

Then, I got my new lens which was mentioned earlier...I like it, but I wish a tripod wasn't basically necessary for extra clear photos. That part is a little disappointing.

Miles came to my house tonight after I got off work. Now it's about 1:30 in the morning and he's sleeping on my bed. My twin size bed, mind you. And, it's really hot in here. We don't have the air conditioners in the windows yet, out of laziness, and I only have one window open and my door shut so there really isn't any circulation going on. My front window is missing a screen so I'm not about to keep that one open. Generally I would close the other window, too, but since Miles is here I'll leave it open. I feel extremely vulnerable when I have windows open or even my bedroom door unlocked. Ever since my dad let a drunk stranger in the house around 3am one night, I keep my door locked...for good reason.

I shall sleep for the moment, I guess. I will definitely write about how tomorrow goes...and I'll post pictures. I can't wait for some of these ideas I have in my head to actually be photos...ohh I hope it works out.


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  1. Alysa! Your pictures are amazing!!!!! Can't wait to see wedding photos- I have been really lazy with my blog lately- Im hoping its just a phase (my laziness) Im also hot and hoping to sleep soon- its ten till 2am :(