Saturday, May 16, 2009

I hate sleeping with make up on.

So today I worked from 1-5. First it was super boring because nothing was going on and there wasn't an ad to work on for next week. Then it'd get really busy and I have three things going on at once (and people always call when I'm busiest). One of my managers rolled her eyes at me today. We had gotten busy and there was one person on checkouts (Katie had called in so Natasha opened on register 1 and Dana was on 3 but she was back helping out in garden). This manager walked up to the front and asked which register Dana was on, so I told her 3. (At this time I'm also checking out people, doing returns, and answering the phone, so mind you it's not like I'm just hanging around watching Natasha do all the work). She tries to open on register 2, and yells up to me, "There's no money on here." So I told her that Dana was on 3...sometimes people will jump on other people's registers if we get busy and there aren't any tills made, they'll just be running for a second, or if there isn't time to open a new I thought she wanted to know which register Dana was on because she was going to run on her money. (A little more background, Trenda had already run on register 1, so I had moved money from register 6 to 1 so it would be ready when Katie hypothetically came in, and Nicole had been running on register 2 until 3:00). She just said/asked, "So they didn't put money on 2 today?" So I told her that there is money on 4, and I hadn't had time to move it down yet. She rolled her eyes at me and closed the drawer.

Oy vey. It's not like I wasn't busy. And anyone can log onto a register and move tills around, that isn't something that I need to do. When I was on registers I would always have to log onto multiple registers to get money on the right one.

I think I just don't take kindly to people being rude when I didn't do anything to deserve it.

Anyway, after I got off work I rushed home and got dressed quickly. Miles met me here and we went to Adrian and Tia's wedding. It was a pretty nice ceremony, except the minister guy that officiated it read from The Message (which I think is a horrendous idea and for it to be accepted by a church leader scares me (my grandma said that her minister or preacher of sorts reads from The Message so she had gotten a version for Christmas so she could follow along with him...that made me sad)) and he gave them a sword. The ceremony itself wasn't too horribly long, but they did do a lot of stuff.

Our ceremony is going to be short and sweet.
-No songs in the middle of it
-No candle lighting (candles up front/unity candle)
-No flower girl
-No ring bearer

It will be walk - I do - I do - kiss - married - walk - eat.

My mom and I ordered the candy yesterday. I think it was yesterday. And I got an email saying that my lens has been shipped. I'm stoked.

Anyway, after the wedding Miles and I went to Cabana, picked up some ice cream then came back to my house and watched the game. Well, we didn't watch the whole game because we fell asleep. Miles is actually still sleeping in my bed (he hadn't gone to sleep yet today). His hours are going to be so messed up.

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