Monday, May 18, 2009

Today is definitely a day when I'm going to get a lot of things done...I hope!

I just woke up about 10 minutes ago (I got to sleep around 3), so I really need to get on it.

So the things I need to get done today are as follows:

-Call for a hair appointment
-Pick up the lighters and Miles' ring (finally)
-Take money to the bank
-Take Amber to buy flats (her birthday is tomorrow)
-Drop off my résumé and leave behind at Roderick (they had a thing in the classifieds yesterday saying they needed a graphic designer/drafter, it was entry level, and they would train the right person...sounds good to me)
-Clean all the trash and wrappers out of my car
-Get my references together for my résumé (this is something that I should have done, and that I should do before taking my résumé to Roderick, but I want to get it up there and I need to make sure it's okay with Jeannie, Teresa and Wanda from work if I use them as references.
-Buy stamps (I have a ton of thank you cards from bridal showers that I need to send out...not even to mention all of the graduation thank you cards I'll need to write/prepare/send...then wedding thank you cards...WHEN WILL IT END?!!)

That's all I have listed so far. I really should get my oil changed...but I think I will wait until my brother fixes my brakes and adds freon to my car. I don't want them to keep coming back in the lobby to tell me about all of the things that need to be fixed.

My lens should be here soon...woot.

Now I need to get ready for the day. Oh I hope all goes well.

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