Sunday, May 10, 2009

I graduated yesterday. The actual graduation was a fairly enjoyable time. I got pictures of and with a bunch of people that I'll probably never see again...which is a little sad. I'll definitely miss school friends. And as much as they messed up my sleeping schedule, I'll miss the extremely late nights working on things.

I talk about the same things every time I update this blog. It goes: school/graduation/wedding/employment. Well, today is no different.

Tomorrow I am going to get things done! My brakes are going out, I think, so it might be dangerous, but I'm still going to do it.
I need to take 4 zippos and my wedding ring to get engraved. Then I hope to stop by the mall and pick up some gifts for my bridesmaids. I'm thinking I'll get them each a necklace, but it won't be the same necklace. Amber's taste is a lot different than Aimee and Cassie's.
Most likely before doing those things I am going to go request June 6th off from work because that will apparently be the day of my "bachelorette party". We're going to eat at Cracker Barrel then doing something else after that. I'm excited to eat some chicken fried chicken.
After I'm done with those things, I'm going to go to Mandy's, I think...or maybe somewhere else?, and take some pictures of Isaac, Abbie and Malachi. Hopefully it's nice outside.

Tomorrow evening I don't really have plans. I'm sure the royals are playing and Miles and I will hang out, watch the game and eat some food.

Tuesday I am going to meet Samantha at her future home. We're going to look through a CD of wedding pictures (ones that I didn't take but have saved from the internet for ideas) and discuss the pictures for her wedding. Then we're going to go to Albrecht-Kemper to look around. It's where they are getting married and I think it'd be a good idea to kind of take notes of where I want to take pictures before the actual wedding day. If you can't tell, I really want to do a good job for them.

Wednesday and Thursday nights I'm working from 5-9:15.

Friday I am going to go to Mandy's and we're going to make chicken, rice and mashed potatoes. We've made this before but Mandy basically did all of the work, minus mashing the potatoes and measuring out the rice. So, this time I'm going to buy the food and do much more than I did before. I'm completely excited. I like to hang out with Mandy and I like to eat chicken, rice and mashed potatoes. It's a perfect match!

Saturday I work from 1-5. I hate working those hours. It's always busier and from generally 4-5 we don't have a 2000 (aka stock boy) to tend to the needs of everyone. At 5:30 Adrian and Tia are getting married at the First Christian Church downtown. Everyone from school is I'm thinking about possibly going. I think the biggest positive about me going is that I could take notes of what to photograph for Samantha and Shane. I don't know if Miles would want to go, though. If he does not, I may see if Cassie is going. Cassie and Tia are friends, but I'm thinking that if Cassie is going that she'll be going with her boyfriend, Camron. Oh well. I guess we'll see what happens.

For now I should dry my hair, read a chapter in Luke and eat some dinner before heading over to Miles' house for Bible study. Maybe next time I'll post pictures of graduation and/or some of my portfolio pages. Eh.

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