Monday, May 25, 2009

I really need to go to bed earlier.

I'm just tired.

I had ended up sleeping at Miles' house. I didn't mean to. I specifically said that I would be coming home last night...then I fell asleep. I woke up around 2am and was super hot. Probably how I would have felt over here the whole night. We don't have our air conditioners in yet. Anyway, so I woke up, drank some coffee, looked through the paper, Miles and I read Jeremiah 17-19 then I came home.

I ate a bunch of junk here...well junk plus grapes. I listened to a few studies on (I don't know if that's actually the website...there might be some dashes in there) and (I do know that that is the actual website for them). I also finished putting ribbon on one box of bubbles and cut out 3 inch squares of blue and brown scrapbook paper for the guest book. Now I need to cut more of those and find some paper to tape/glue on top for people to write on. Oy vey, this isn't going to be fun.

The good news is that Aimee is done with school. My mom and Aimee are going to help me with stuff now, so that's good. I look forward to having all of this stuff done.

This weekend is Samantha's wedding :). Woot. I'm excited for these pictures...I just really hope I do a good job. Friday I'll be going to the rehearsal before work. I don't know how much I'm getting paid for this, but I do hope to find out soon...? Oh well, I'm really not worried about it. I guess I'll ask her about it on Friday...or after. It's not something that one should be bothered with on their wedding day. (I'm far too nice to be a photographer, you see?!)

Anyway, tomorrow I am going to call Roderick. I turned in my résumé last Monday, so I figure that one week is a good amount of time to wait before calling back. (?) I have no idea. The thing wasn't in the paper today like it was last Sunday. I'm completely interested in this job, I just wonder if I'd be more of a hassel for a business now than anything else. I mean, in like 3 weeks or so I'll be getting married = need time off right away/change of all of my information/need time off a couple of weeks after that for the honeymoon. Eek. I wouldn't want to hire me if that was the case. We'll just hope that no one else applied (hahaha) and that they don't need help asap (hahaha). I's a slim chance. But, I'm praying about it! If I'm not supposed to be there then it won't happen, but if I am, it'll work out. That's always comforting.

Saturday I had planned on getting a lot done before going to work. Miles ended up calling me around 11 to see if I wanted to go miniature golfing. Sure, why not? So, we went golfing. Miles won, of course, but only by a couple of strokes. I ended up winning a free game at the end. That's the first time I've ever one a free game there. I'll probably forget that I have it and lose it by the next time we head out there.

Tomorrow I think Amber and I are going shopping again. Since our last attempt at finding some shoes for her failed, we're going to try again. I think we're shifting from brown flats to nice sandles or flip flops. I don't really know...all I know is that I am going to buy some shoes for Amber tomorrow!

I also know that I really need to go to sleep. I'm super tired, typing almost everything incorrectly (as a matter of fact, incorrectly was originally inforrectly. go figure) and I have a headache.


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