Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Blah blah blah.

I spent the whole day waiting for my lens to come in. Of course, right after I left for work around 4:45 the UPS guy dropped my lens off. What horrible timing. The good news is that it fits my camera and all is well. Now to learn how to use it correctly...I like to do that.

Miles and I made spaghetti, meatballs and garlic bread for Amber tonight. Really we warmed up the bread, sauce and meatballs and boiled the spaghetti. What a wonderfully easy meal to make. I also washed the dishes while it was cooking and after Amber left.

Amber and I decided that starting tomorrow (Wednesday) we're going to take our measurements weekly (only so often so we don't forget to do it). We're going to exercise and eat a little better. The problem with this is that I constantly lack determination when it comes to things like this. I think I can cut out pop fairly easily. I'll drink water, apple juice and tea. Maybe I can eat less fried food...but I doubt it. I could always think about going and buying some apples, bananas and grapes to eat for snacks. I can try to find ways to cook foods I like in healthier ways. All I know is that I want to be comfortable in shorts and my bathing suit this summer. I don't know how hard this will be.

How long should I wait before calling Roderick about the job? One week? I hope, because that's what I'm planning on. I think I'll call on Monday and see if the position is still open and if they've had a chance to look over my résumé. I just worry about trying to find a job now since I'll be getting married so soon. It's just like "Hey, hire me. But, in about 2 weeks I will need a Thursday and Friday off. Then all of my information is going to change. Then in about 2 more weeks I'll need about a week off for my honeymoon. Okay? Okay. Good."
I don't think it'd be that easy.

Miles asked me why I write blogs. He asked me who reads it. I said, "Mandy and Megan, I think." He says, "Can't you just talk to them?"
Well, yes, I could. But, I just like to type, you see. I like to write non sense and complain about Kmart.

I know I don't need to blog. I really don't have anything important to say. I just like to blab and babble and go on and on about nothing. I also like to post pictures, graphics, videos and verses. And apparently I like to talk about myself. I wonder how many sentences I write start with "I."

Oh, well. I'm going to bed. No work tomorrow for me so the day will be filled with figuring out my new lens and watching Collin. He'll be here again tomorrow, I think.

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