Thursday, February 10, 2011

Simply Put

This girl is ridiculous.

The cycle tonight has been eat, fall asleep while eating, wake up cranky, be happy for about five minutes, then be crabby and want to eat again...rinse and repeat.

Oy vey!

We did bath time kind of like normal. Miles got to sleep really late today because we got our hair cut, so I didn't wake him up to help. We got the washing out of the way fast so Anna could play for a long time to wear herself out. That's been working pretty well. Good thing she loves playing in the water or this everyday bath time would be horrible.

The last couple of days Anna has gone back to waking up once or twice at night to eat. Twice the last couple of nights, and once before that. I'm thinking it's time to get this girl on some rice...but we'll see. I have some coupons for rice cereal and some purees for supported sitters so I may venture out and pick some up. She is 4.5 months old now!

I would post a picture of Anna doing tummy time and looking at a monkey Abbie gave her, but I haven't uploaded those pictures I won't do that. Maybe next time.

I worked on Miles' Valentine's Day gift. It's failing miserably so far, so I'm a bit disappointed. I think I'm going to have to cut what was going to be 4 things down to 2 and even the 2 that I make won't be what I was hoping for. My printer is also almost out of black ink so what is supposed to be grey is coming out slightly purple. I don't know how much I really care, but I do think I'd like it better completely grey. I don't feel like spending the money to get a new black ink cartridge, though, so we may just stick with purplish - bleh. It may change, and hopefully it will change for the awesome, because this mediocre feeling I'm getting from what I'm making isn't very satisfying.

Anna is slowly starting to wake up. I assume she's going to want to eat before sleeping again...then I should sleep.

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  1. She should sleep better if you move her to rice. It will fill her up more. Also, her other issue with waking up is probably her teeth. That poor girl is teething already, and I felt so bad for her at Mom's last Friday. You could tell she was in pain. I hated when Collin was teething. I always felt so bad for him because Baby Orajel and teethers can only go so far. One thing that helped him was chewing on wash clothes. Take a wash clothes, put the end in cold water, and let her chew on it. He preferred that so much more to teethers.