Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I have moonwalked past accounting like, ten times.

Let me tell you about some things. Things I like, things I don't like, and just some random thoughts I have.

I like...
design blogs...a lot.
charts, graphs, lists, maps, etc.
Romans 9.
when people understand my jokes.

I don't like...
steel wool.
when people post stuff about their personal lives on Facebook then complain that people are trying to get in their business.
that it's not nice enough outside to take Anna on walks.
that Twitter doesn't have a 'like' button.
when people call their baby girls "princesses." They're not princesses!
when I'm talking to someone and they're looking at their phone.

I also don't understand the people who are always on their phones texting/talking/or online. There is no one who wants to talk to me that much in a day. Believe me, I know.

I've realized that the longer I spend my days at home doing nothing the more I want to try new recipes. Tonight I made homemade french fries, steak, and baked beans. Everything was mediocre, but the fries do have potential. I may try to make some again tomorrow with the recipe tweaked a bit to see if I can make them better.

Before:After:Way After:I used some zesty herb marinade. It was acceptable, but I've got to say that the Montreal steak seasoning marinade is better. I like how making steaks is way easier than frying chicken. But, in a semi-unrelated note, now that I've got the deep fryer all oiled up I'm going to be frying just about anything that is fryable. I'm sure that'll help me not feel like such a blob anymore...wait a second...

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