Sunday, February 6, 2011

I fully expect to have to cut this short.

Anna will probably be waking up soon to eat before returning to sleep. Really I should just go to sleep instead of worrying about typing anything...but, here we are.

Sundays are harder with a baby. I try my hardest to spend the day listening to studies and reading, but it's hard to do those things with a baby. Anna's attention span is too short to listen for too long, and there's basically no way of paying attention to a study while playing.
That's all about that, though.

I still like that house. I have a problem of getting hung up on things. I was hung up on that one house, now I'm hung up on this house. I get hung up on ideas, too. Like Etsy, and hot chocolate on a stick, and baking. Soon I'm going to make some chocolate chip cookie dough to freeze. I've realized that I have all of the ingredients to make it, so I might do that tomorrow. I also might not.

I do, however, plan on making Miles an ice cream cake with coffee flavored ice cream for his birthday. Does Wal-Mart sell coffee flavored ice cream? I hope so, or this will be a lot trickier than necessary.

Also, I thought it'd be interesting to share the links that are always in my drop down search bar...and the order they're currently in. (obviously) (I like my own blog?) (you thought it'd be Spanish, didn't you?)

I think that last one is typed correctly. It's pictures that a girl from Washington (I think) takes. I like them, but I'm not sure why it's on my top visited websites. I don't look at it much anymore. But, speaking of pictures, I would like to just go take pictures somewhere. That's a job in itself, though, since getting the babes out is so much work. I'm getting a headache and I think it means I should just sleep. Yep, that's what it means.


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  1. Yes, Wal-Mart sells coffee ice cream! And I hear you about Sundays, it's really hard to get a study in with kids.