Thursday, February 17, 2011

No, thank you, sickness.

I wish it were possible to just refuse illness. I've been trucking along since Saturday unscathed by Miles' violent flu, as had Anna. Yesterday Anna woke up with a fever and has since been up and down in that department. She's currently napping, but she continues to be feverish/fussy/super sad looking. Today I woke up with a headache and a bit of sinus pressure. I'm trying my hardest to push this sickness away, but I fear it might overcome me. Right now my head still hurts, I still have the sinus pressure, and I have a queasy feeling in my stomach that comes and goes.

I just want to nap.

I'd attempt that glorious nap if I thought Anna would continue to sleep after being put in her rocker or sleeper. She's currently sleeping on a pillow on my lap and I'd much rather her get sleep and conquer her bug than for me to get said nap.

Today disappointed me greatly. The plan was to meet Mandy, her babes, and Amber at Little Cakes then go to the park since it was such a wonderful day out. Well, we did go to Little Cakes, even though Anna wasn't looking too hot. I thought maybe getting her out of the apartment where we've been cooped up for a few days might help her feel a bit better. It didn' we came back home and Anna took a nap.

Miles woke up and held down the fort so I could run a proof of residence to DFS. (Back story: Anna was on medicaid. They never let us know that she was approved, and I waited for her card for a long time. We finally got her number from Urgent Care when we took her last month. Yesterday we took Anna to the doctor and they told us that her medicaid was inactive. We called DFS and talked to a supervisor named Ron, Don or something of the sort and he said just to bring in a proof of residence and they'd fix it because it was just inactivated on Tuesday.) So, today I went to give them a proof of residence so we could get the account activated in case we have to take Anna back to the doctor to get tests done to see about her fever. First off, I don't think the people at the front desk know anything about their job. No matter what you say all they tell you do to is get a number and wait. So, I got a number and waited for about half an hour. When they called me back the lady told me that the account was closed and we'd have to reapply. Okay, so why did the supervisor tell me just to bring in proof of residence? Why doesn't anyone know what they're talking about? Incompetence, I tell you! Oh, oh! The reason they closed the account in the first place? They tried to mail Anna's medicaid card to Apt 1B instead of 7B so it came back as undeliverable. Why wouldn't they call and ask me about that? And to top it off, that error isn't my fault! They took a copy of my license which has 7B on it, so it's their fault and we have to go through all of this trouble because of it. Not to mention that I had called down to talk to our case worker 10 times (no exaggeration) and left many-a-messages to only receive one call back once we already had her number. Incompetence, I tell you, again!

Anyway, back to today being disappointing. I was really looking forward to taking Anna to the park today and just being out in some nice weather after being inside for so long. Hopefully it'll be nice again soon and hopefully we have a healthy family again soon. And, most importantly, hopefully they coincide.

I think that's all for now. Tootles!

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