Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Miles and I rented and watched "Inception" tonight. It's hard to watch movies that require thought with a baby around. I think it being on the Almost Completely Incomprehensible No Matter What side of the spectrum made it a little easier to not pay too much attention to. If you miss 50% of the movie you know just about as much as you do if you see the whole thing.

Oh, babies.

She watched some of the movie with us and actually looked entertained. She's a funny girl, I tell you.

Speaking of the babes...she's sleeping right now. Her schedule is starting to form and it's amazing, though we spend the better part of the day trying to keep her awake until nap/bedtime. No more 10 minute cat naps for that girl. She gets to sleep pretty well and night and naps really well. It's nice to be able to put her in the co-sleeper and walk out of the bedroom and know she'll fall asleep. Lovely! I really should be heading in that direction very soon. I need to finish cutting my nails first. I have four . . .then sleep.

I do, however, leave you with cute baby:

And winter covered tree branch:

I think that's it for me. Though I would like to go around and take pictures sometime of just whatever...not that that is in any way related to anything.



  1. I think I'm going to get Inception and watch it this Saturday night. Yes, that sounds like a good plan. And next time, please put your nail clippings in a baggie and mail them to me. It's always good to have someone hold on to your dna in case of an emergency. And just to clarify, I am kidding. I do not really want your nail clippings, I already stole a strand of your hair. ;)

  2. I loved Inception, but it would be difficult to watch while tending to a baby. The pic is freaking cute, by the way. I want to see that little girl.