Tuesday, January 18, 2011

2.5 Hours

At Wal-Mart?! What?

Okay, so last night I went grocery shopping while Miles stayed home with the babes. We've been doing it that way lately since it's much easier than packing her up and taking her to the store for about an hour when you have no idea how she'll be. Well, I left for the store around 7:30 and didn't get home until 10. Literally. Okay, so literally I got home at 9:52, but you get the gist (which btw, should totally be spelled jist).
I don't know how that happens. Or, maybe I do. When I go alone I spend forever trying to find what I'm looking for...too long, some might say.

Here are the culprits:
-I had coupons for Sara Lee lunch meat, which Wal-Mart apparently doesn't sell.
-Miles wanted some Riesens, which Wal-Mart also didn't have.
-I had a WIC check for $10 in fruits and vegetables. I'm really only a fan of bananas, apples and red grapes. The bananas looked terrible, apples weren't too hot and all I saw were green grapes. The long and short of it all is that I spent probably 15 to 20 minutes trying to find the right combination of fruits and vegetables that would be eaten for $10.
-I need more nursing pads and naturally they didn't have the kind I get. The real kicker is that I didn't even see a place for them anymore.
-Wal-Mart is always out of the bread dough we use for pizza!

In other no-so-interesting news (that means all other news that I type is oh-so-interesting - don't get them confused!): I bought Parents' Choice diapers for Anna on accident the other day. Those crazy people at Wal-Mart decided to the packaging purple like Luvs. Really, who uses purple?! You've done this on purpose, Wal-Mart! Either way, we've been using them and my review of them so far is that they're okay. Their size two is quite a bit bigger than Luvs size two and they're not as cute. They're better than I expected, though.

Today at 3:30 I'll be going to Bible study at the Mays House of Doom (is that right?) and bringing Anna along. We usually have it at 5 or 7, but tonight it's been bumped up. I'm actually looking forward to cooking some dinner tonight so I'm quite happy we're doing it early. I don't know what I'm going to make, but I'm leaning toward spaghetti. Now, Aimee, don't laugh. I just think it sounds good! I have found a recipe for homemade french fries that I'm going to try sometime soon. For Christmas last year (as in '09) Justin got us a deep fryer that we haven't used...oops! We've had every intention of using it for the longest time but every time I think about it I just end up frying things in a pan. Now I have a specific reason to whip out that deep fryer! I'm excited for them.

Look how cute he is!

And look how adorable she is!

I stepped away from this to have her do some tummy time before her nap. I first lay her on her back then roll her over to her tummy. Most of the time she'll just hold herself up for a few seconds then lay her head down and chew on her hand. Today she held herself up higher than normal and almost rolled back over to her back! I was stoked and she did it a couple of times. Looks like tonight we'll be working on that more. Yay!

I think that's enough for now.


  1. The sarah lee lunch meat is by the deli. I buy their packaged honey roasted turkey. It's in the case with wal-mart's packaged potato salad, and pizza's.

    And I'm sorry that Bible study did't go as smoothly as normal. But I am glad that I got to see you and Amber and ANNA!!!!

  2. Oh and it's Mays House of Pain! But doom sounds much more scary, so I may change it!

  3. First of all, Walmart sucks! I know I got there a lot, but I don't like when I do. I especially hate going by myself because I get stressed out and I am there longer than I would be if Josh were to go with me. However, I am not there as long as I would be if I were to go with Mom. LOL! And, I promise not to make a comment about spaghetti. :-)

    Also, I enjoy the two pictures you posted. The one of Miles looks like it came from a magazine advertising the couch. I like the reds!