Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas! Dag Nabbit!

That is my lovely daughter.

Christmas has messed up this little girl's schedule something awful. There for a few weeks we had her on a pretty good schedule of nap for about 15-30 minutes around 10, eating around 11:30, bath at 12, then bed. First she was fairly okay with it, then she started to realize that all roads lead to bed and would get a little fussy when we walked into the bedroom. Then she got used to it and was sleeping really well.

Christmas eve we tried to lay her down around 10, which ended up being closer to 11 after bath time and everything. She fell asleep fast then woke up every 10-15 minutes after that and just kept getting angrier and angrier. She ended up falling asleep for the night at 3:30 and woke up around 9:45 to eat. Of course she slept again after that...but she slept for the majority of the day. Who can blame her? She sat through three fairly long car rides and everyone thought it a good idea to rock her to sleep. Blargh!

Christmas night she fought sleep again for a few hours. She's since gotten better, for the most part, about fighting sleep but not on the time thing. Luckily I haven't had to wake up too early for anything specific so we've been getting our sleep, just late into the day.

Two nights ago little lady went to sleep at 5, but didn't fight the sleep up until then. I think she just wasn't especially tired so she laid and looked at the painting on my tummy, a towel on the side of her cosleeper and her mobile.


Last night I planned on getting her to bed by 4, but of course that didn't happen. I've been trying a new way of getting her ready to sleep. We play a little, I do dishes while she sits in her bumbo seat (I think it makes her a bit tired since she has to sit up a little), she eats, gets a bath, then we go to bed. Since I've started trying to get her a schedule (around Dec 4) I've been reading a few chapters of The Bible to her. Usually she falls asleep while I read then wakes up about 20 minutes later for a minute or two then goes back to sleep for the night. Anyway...we did everything mentioned and got her to bed...but first she fell asleep while eating and was pretty out. I tried to burp her with no results so I figure I'd just go lay her down. Thinking that if she woke up it'd be no big deal because she was obviously tired and would go back to sleep while I read. Oh, heck no. Instead Anna decided to wake up and basically cry until 6. I burped her, got her a new diaper, calmed her down before putting her back to bed, took down the mobile because she acted like she didn't like it, turned off the humidifier, gave her gripe water, and tried to read to her again. Nothing worked. Finally after tears from both of us, I got my phone and turned on "Anna Miriam" by Miles. Of course, she stopped crying and just watched the video. She cried when it was over so I played it again, then played "Science Falsely So Called" which she tolerated but didn't like as much. I played her song one more time and she eventually calmed down enough to where I could lay down and we both fell asleep.

Today she woke up around 1 to eat and is was awake for about an hour. She's napping now and I have every intention of waking her up soon. I want to keep her awake for longer today so she'll hopefully be tired by midnight. If I could get her back on that schedule I'd be super stoked.

Just look at how cute she is! She was laughing at virtually nothing while I was taking pictures of her mobile.

In Other News

I took some pictures of Anna's Christmas presents from Miles and me. His present was much better than mine, though I do consider the mobile of doom to be one from me.

There was one more smaller part that opened and the piece in the middle that doesn't open. I figured that since they're for a baby the small red one is definitely small enough.

And Miles' music box takes the gold! It's amazingly precious and made me cry for a split second.

I think now I should probably do something edit family pictures that I took long ago. The good news is that I'm almost done! I feel bad when it takes me forever to get pictures done.

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  1. First thought, I love Anna's sleeper! Second thought, bang on a drum to keep her awake. Pots and pans will work if your drum is broken. Thirdly, I love the picture of Anna in bed with her smile! I think kids know that their smile can get them out of trouble. Number 4, you and your creative skills have put me in 2nd place as Mom's favorite. What with your making hot chocolate, moblies, toys, boxes, etc. I don't stand a my dear, I'm very sorry to say this, but I'm stealing Anna until you decide to quit making stuff. I kid, I kid. But you always amaze me with your patience and talent to create things and make things beautiful. You are very gifted. And lastly, I am up way too early because I "camped out" with the kids last night. That last thought is unrelated to everything else.