Monday, December 27, 2010

One thing Anna inherited from me...

Is hyperventilating after really bad crying. Yay!...sarcastically of course. It's 1:40am and Anna has been to sleep and is now back up. After about 4o minutes of crying she's now up and eating, which will be followed by a diaper change and heading back to bed.

She's been doing this the last couple of nights. She falls asleep quick only to take a nap, pretty much, then get angry because she doesn't think she's ready to sleep for the night. Humbug. She'll cry and carry on for long enough that it's time to eat and change her before she'll be content again.

Needless to say, I'm tired. She used to wake up after about 20 minutes to get her pacifier back then she'd sleep. Now it's waking up to cry for however long she sees fit (usually until she eats and gets a new diaper or sits around for a bit) then goes back to sleep. I just hate to put her back to bed so soon after eating. I don't want to hurt her stomach by laying her back down.

Anyway, back to the title...
If I cry hard for a good period of time I hyperventilate toward the end and for a good ten minutes after. Anna does this, too. Poor girl, it just makes her cry more, which I understand. I think it scares her and she gets mad that she can't control it. That's my guess at least.

Well, now she's getting fidgety so I think she's ready to be burped, changed and head back to bed.

Here's to hoping I get some sleep!

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