Sunday, December 12, 2010

You Get Upset if Someone Things You Live Below Sunset

Christmas is just less than two weeks away. I'm actually quite excited for it. I don't think I'm actually getting any presents other than a $25 gift card to who knows where. No one is really exchanging gifts this year, but I'm cool with that. We don't really have room here for anything else. We actually need to do a huge clean out of our stuff. I do have a problem with getting rid of things, though. Maybe it's a girl thing, or maybe it's a family thing. Either way, I have way too many things in this apartment.

Of course Anna brings a lot of baggage with her. Babies are so small but their "necessities" are huge. And to think, we don't even have a lot of the things most babies have. No swing, no play pin, no walker or exersaucer (fyi - I hate that name).

Can you tell I don't ever know where to make paragraphs?

Back to Christmas...
I will be making people things again this. And don't worry, there are no magnets involved. I'm quite excited to give them out. I think they'll be much more appreciated than the tiny notebook/magnet/covered box combo, though last years gifts to everyone took forever. Those boxes are not a quick covering project...and they're messy!

Yesterday I took some family pictures. I had a good time and I'm really quite excited at how I think they turned out. I haven't looked through them yet, but they were looking good through the viewfinder. When I got home I dressed Anna up in a brown dress with pink polka dots and took some pictures of her. They didn't turn out as good as I thought they had while I was taking them. I often have that problem when using the aperture as the guide. I like f1.8 a bunch and it makes it hard to get the right focusing all of the time. I'm sure there are at least a few that are fine.

In other Anna news, she's been sleeping pretty well lately. I say pretty well because there for about a week she slept awesome, and the last couple of nights it's been a little tougher. She had been going to sleep later and later each night, so I started to give her a bath at 12, getting her cozy in a sleeper, reading a couple chapters to her then laying by her til she fell asleep. She would zonk out pretty fast then about 15 minutes later lose her pacifier so I'd go back in a give it to her then soon after I'd make my way to bed. Friday night she didn't go to sleep until 2:30 probably. She kept waking up really, really happy. I think she thought that if she was happy and smiling a bunch we'd take her out to play. It worked when it was time to feed her but that's it. Last night she went to sleep around 11:15 probably and woke up around 12. I don't know what time she actually got to sleep but it was more of a fight than normal. I think something had scared her while I was in the bathroom so she kept doing a whiny cry after getting calmed down.

Speaking of the whiny cry, she's been doing that today. Well, only coupled with the, "I'm scared!" cry. Hopefully the startled thing doesn't last long.

Now I'm tired from typing. Anna is sleeping while resting her head on my arm so this is a little awkward.

Guess the title quote!
(I don't know if anyone reads this anymore, so I'm not really expecting answers.)

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  1. Title quote: Clueless! What do I win??? Also, to make Anna sleep longer, give her nyquil. JOKING! I kid, I kid!