Monday, December 6, 2010

He's Guilty! Case Closed!

I had jury duty today. Sunday I looked online to see if my number was excused or not and wouldn't you know it, it wasn't. We had to be there at 7:45 and nothing was started until probably 8:15. We watched a video then a judge talked to us. He asked if there was anyone who couldn't serve for any kind of emergency. I asked him about breastfeeding to see if, "my daughter having to eat matters?" He said I'd have to talk to Judge Jackson when we got to the courtroom. Around 8:40 we took a break and the ladies in charge told us to be back at 8:55 then they didn't come back until 9:10.

I think if I wasn't tired and Anna wasn't seeming to be sleeping so well, I might keep going. I thought I'd expand on this way more than I am.

Blah, Blah...then I got to go home because I breastfeed! Yay, Anna!

I've found that one of my hobbies is finding random people on Facebook. Not just strolling through profiles, but more having someone specific in mind and not knowing their name. I've become quite good at it.

Okay, I've got to take advantage of having a baby that's sleeping who also hasn't slept very much today. I'm heading to bed!

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