Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Anna's Birthday

That's not from her birthday, it's just cute.
I spent way too much time on her party.  Really, I spent too much time on everything.  Her invitations took forever to finish.  I guess cutting all the paper and sewing a pocket was a bit ambitious.  Then I covered letters and numbers with paper, made paper bunting and four paper chains.  Oy vey, it was too much!  I think it turned out cute in the end, but I don't think I'd do that much again. 

The sad part of it was that Anna was a Little Miss Crabby Crabster Cakes during her party.  She wouldn't go to sleep the night before and wouldn't take a nap before the party.  She wasn't happy during the present opening session and refused to destroy her cake which made me a little sad.

We had a fairly good turn out, though.  There were quite a few people that said they'd be coming that didn't and some that never responded either way so it didn't surprise me when they didn't show.

There's the table all put together.
Her cake topper!
And her name!
The Dollar Tree had ice cream shaped sidewalk chalk.  How perfect.
Colored cones!
For root beer floats!
Toppings!  There were also sprinkles and cookie dough.
Mandy!  So, so serious.
Anna with my grandma Pike.  Sweet!
Anna received her second glow worm.  The glow worm is one thing that will calm her down when she's upset so once she latched on she didn't want to let go!
Yep, that's how the cake destroying went.  I ended up with more frosting on me than Anna did.
We thought that maybe we'd have better luck with a cupcake.  But, Anna didn't agree and just hit it out of my hand.
So, there you have it.  Make sure your babies get adequate sleep (if possible) before all parties!  Everyone will be much happier, I promise.

In other news, our dryer broke last night.  Today I'm taking a couple loads of clothes to my parents' house to wash and dry.  I'm going to be having some lunch there then going to the store.  We have a pantry full of sides and very, very few main dishes.  Tonight Anna and I are going to Olive Garden with my family.  Miles can't make it because of work so I'm either going to take him and pick him up or I'm just going to get someone else to come get Anna and me.  I think it'll be a good time.

Other things on the agenda include cleaning up the rest of the stuff from Anna's party and working and Aimee and Josh's family pictures.  I haven't had much of a chance lately to finish them up but hopefully I'll get to do that soon.  I took them so long ago that I should have been finished by now.

Okay, off to take a shower while I can.  Gotta get the ball rolling or I'll be playing catch up all day.

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  1. Her party was adorable, and of course you spent way too much time on it. It is your child's birthday! I always spend way too much time on Collin's!