Saturday, July 24, 2010

31 weeks and counting.

I'm excited and bored and tired and lazy.

(and what is that literary technique that I learned about from Mrs. Stokes that I'm using up there?...with all the ands instead of commas?)
I've wanted to know what that is called for over a year now and I still can't think of it.

Today was a boring Saturday.

I woke up at 1, yep, one o'clock. Vanessa had called me saying that a picture that I had taken and put a quote on for her and her husband wasn't uploading correctly at Walgreens. So, I figured out why (I put the quote on using Illustrator in a print file, therefore it was in CMYK, but pictures apparently need to be in RGB when printing...who knew? All other printing is CMYK...maybe it's just that they need to be in RGB to's a great mystery that I'll never know the answer to...much like literary technique inquiries) then called her back and solved the problem.

Miles had made pizza while I was meeting Vanessa at Walgreens and on my way home I stopped at Fastgas and bought a fountain Pepsi and Dr. Pepper. It was a nice match. We ate and watched a bit of "Patch Adams" then I put some of Anna's clothes away.
(Sidenote: Miles' momma met me at Target yesterday. We looked around there, Bed Bath and Beyond and Wal Mart and she bought us two plastic drawer things for the baby. Also, she bought a thing of Dreft and some fragrance and dye free Bounce dryer sheets, so I got to start washing her clothes. As of now they're all washed and put away...what I have anyway!)
I finished up editing family pictures I took two Saturdays ago and watched a few episodes of Design Star. These last couple of days I've just been bored and eating. I really don't like making full meals when Miles is sleeping so I just munch on anything and everything which is horrible. Yesterday I ate a bologna sandwich, an apple, a burrito, a bowl of cereal, a bomb pop, a turkey pot pie, a brownie and drank a glass of chocolate milk and a cup of hot tea. Today I had a turkey pot pie, a tiny bowl of cereal (we had about three Tbsps of milk left), popcorn, a bomb pop, a brownie and more hot tea.

I should really be drinking more water.

Anyway, Miles went to sleep around 6 or 7 this evening. So, I took a shower and since then I had been feeling pretty restless. I just finished up reading chapters 2-6 in Judges and that's made me feel better. I like that about the Bible.

I think I'll be going to sleep before 4 tonight so that should be helpful. Tomorrow I assume we'll be going to Bible study around 5, but I'm not sure what Miles' sleeping will be like so it might just end up being Amber and me heading over.

This is what I think my week will look like.
Monday - Guys' volleyball game at 7:30. Maybe I'll go by art.i.facts during the day. I want to see if I've sold anything else, but I don't really want to go down there empty handed. I have no intention of buying anything at the moment and I don't want to drive all that way just to check. Maybe I'll have to whip something up real quick so I have an excuse.
Tuesday - Cassie and I are going dress shopping around 4! I'd like to find a simple, casual dress for the baby shower if possible. Then we'll be having Bible study at 7. Hopefully Chelsea will be able to come again. Maybe I can make some cookies or something before...?
Wednesday - I may be starting to work on the quilt for Anna Banana! My grandma and I went to Joann's Friday and picked out the fabric so now we just need to get cutting. It's a super simple pattern for the quilt so I think we'll be able to get it done before she gets here.
Thursday - I do not know and I am perfectly okay with that.
Friday - Pictures...maybe? I was going to be taking pictures of my cousin's son and step son on Monday before the game, but she has plans that she forgot about. I think we've moved pictures to Friday but I do need to confirm that with her.

In other news, I'd love to have a house to decorate. That'd be fun. But, since that is not something I have, I am stuck trying to figure out what I want to put on the wall above Anna's future changing table. I want something that she can see, but I'm not sure what to do just yet. Maybe something will pop in my head sometime. Maybe not...oh well.

For now I should probably sleep. My eyes are getting tired and I may take advantage of the earlier bed time than normal.

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