Thursday, August 5, 2010

I'm scattered.

I'm just too forgetful these days. Anything baby related I'm on top of and I generally don't forget, but just about anything else is most likely going to be forgotten. I've printed off a calendar of August so I can fill out what I'll be doing so I don't forget where I need to be.

Today I've called St. Luke's to make an appointment for a walk through of the maternity center. We'll be going next Wednesday at 6, so that should It'll be nice, at least. I can't believe how fast this is all going. Last night I started to pack the hospital bags. Mine and Anna's, anyway. I figure Miles could pack his in about two minutes before we leave if necessary. I've packed two outfits for her, so she'll have something that fits. There's not anything special about either outfit, but they are cute, so that's good.

I've also boiled and washed all of her bottles, pacifiers and the parts for the breast pump. That actually took much longer than I had expected, but I'm glad to have it done. Her clothes and blankets are all washed and organized.

Oh, oh! And I've ordered a car seat and a rocker thing. I decided to go with just a car seat instead of the whole travel system, for now anyway, since I don't think I'll be using the stroller much, or at all, over the winter. Plus, I really wanted the rocker thing so it was a good excuse to get that. Miles' aunt Trisha gave us a $200 prepaid Visa to use on whatever and I had originally planned on using it for the travel system only, then Miles and I would have to pay the $80ish for the changing table. But, after thinking and searching (and praying) I ordered this car seat:
It's not as adorable as I would have liked, but it has good safety ratings and is for babies up to 22 pounds instead of 35 like some of them. Also, it was cheaper than the other ones I was looking at, so all in all I think it was a good choice. It's currently shipping so I'm excited to get it in.

And this is the rocker/sleeper/thing that I ordered:
It has good reviews all across the board so I think that's good. I figure it'd be good for after she's done eating since she'd be at an incline, and good for napping in rooms outside of the bedroom.

The best part about it is that now we still have $81.27 left on the Visa card which is enough for the changing table (except for tax). This is the changing table we're going to get:
I'm excited to get it and put it together. That's the last big thing we really have yet to purchase. We'll have a few things to put together (the co-sleeper, changing table, installing the car seat) but it shouldn't be too bad.

Now I'm getting sidetracked so I should stop while I'm ahead.

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