Sunday, July 18, 2010

Me, Me, Me.

I'm just tired. I have slept quite a bit this weekend, but I think my laziness has been winning.

I just listened to a study on Echoes by Ron Exum about II Peter chapter 2. It makes me chuckle because a few weeks ago Miles was going over that chapter with me, then last Sunday Papa Ramsay also went over it. Each one was different, but none of them really focused on the same aspects of it.

I really need to get a dresser. In about two week we'll have the baby shower then I'll have tons of clothes and things for Miss Anna and I really don't have anywhere to put them. Soon I'm going to clean this computer/recording room so when the time comes to move things around it's doable. I'm excited to get all of her clothes, blankets and such washed. That'll make me feel like I've been productive. I'm also excited to get the co-sleeper all assembled. There's lots to do, so hopefully I can get started soon.

I have an appointment on Tuesday...then every two weeks until the end of August.

I thought I had more to say until I started typing.

Ummm....I need to walk more. It's just been so ridiculously hot that I don't even want to leave my overly heated apartment.
I also need to call to make an appointment for a walk through of the maternity section of St. Luke's. I think I'll do that this week.
Almost every sentence in this update starts with "I"...I guess I'm self-centered today...or I just can't think long/hard enough on how to phrase things differently.

I don't know.

I need to shower.

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