Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My Day Off

This Sunday is Mother's Day, so Miles is giving me Thursday all to myself.  He has to go into work from around 9:30 to about 11, so sometime after that I'll be heading out.  That makes me happy.  The problem is that I'm short on friends.  I thought about going to KC to see Cassie, but she'll be in class until 1:45 so we'd only see each other for about an hour before I'd have to head home.  So far my to do list for Thursday looks like this:  get some Taco Bell (dreaming big!), walk around Jesse James Antique Mall, Target, and Old Navy.  We're planning on doing family pictures Friday so I'm going to look for an outfit for Anna.  I also need to pick up diapers and hand wash while I'm out.  Yay!

Tomorrow should be pretty good.  I'll be doing engagement pictures around 4:30, then we have a volleyball game at 7:30 (I think).  Anna likes to play in the sand so she does pretty well out there.  Our team rotates out so my dad watches her and whoever is out sits by her.  She's a cute one, that girl.

I curled my hair today to see if I could.  It worked!
I curled it around noon and it stayed all day.  My hair has never stayed curled very well, especially not after I curled it, so this is a step up. As of now I'm planning on curling it again for the pictures on Friday.  Hopefully it works then, too.

It's been really nice out the last few days.  Anna wakes up and one of the first thing she says is, "Swing!"  So, there's been a lot of swinging and walking around the back yard in our lives.  Yesterday I thought it'd be good to take pictures of her in her green lace jumper.  Seriously, it's adorable!

Oh, she's gorgeous.  She's also singing along to songs.  Particularly, "Somebody I Used to Know."  I love that song, so we listen to it a bunch around here.  It's ridiculously cute when she sings.  She'll also bring Miles' ukulele to him and say, "Play for me."  Of course it sounds more like "Pay me," but still!  She's perfect!

Also, on Saturday the moon was supposed to be super big.  It ended up looking more like a fairly normal full moon when I saw it.  Maybe I missed the window?
 That's cropped in a bit, too.  Eh.

Now I sleep.  It's 3:30 and if I stay awake any longer I'm just going to keep eating junk and get no sleep.

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  1. Yay!!! Thank you for the update!!! I love the green romper on Anna! She is beautiful and speaking of beautiful, I LOVE your hair curled!! You are so pretty, Alysa! And I love to hear Anna sing and I think it's super adorable that she asks her daddy to play for her. What a great daughter! She's amazing!