Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Baby Won't Sleep

So, here we are.  It's 1:45am and Anna won't sleep.  Oy vey.  She went to bed around 12:30 and was almost asleep when I laid her down.  Usually when she's like that she'll fall asleep pretty quickly, but apparently she wasn't up for that tonight.  I would let her just ride it out and fall asleep on her own, but Miles has to work tomorrow morning so she can't just sit up there and talk for half an hour. 

Since it's technically Thursday, this evening I'll be going to IHOP with my mom and possibly my sister.  We're going to get the potato soup because it's delicious.  Usually I'd get the chicken fried chicken with the soup beforehand, but I never eat much of the soup since I have the chicken coming.  This time it's just going to be the soup, and I'm stoked.  So stoked that I'm writing about it.  After I leave IHOP I'll be going grocery shopping.  We are out of just about everything.  Well, not really everything, but all snacks and things that don't take forever to make. 

Friday I'm starting the 30 Day Shred for the second time.  Hopefully this time I get some results and stick with it longer.  Last time was in January, I think, and I didn't get any kind of results.  Maybe it's because my diet didn't change at all and I was only using one pound cans of beans.  Yeah, that's probably why.  Now I have 2.5lb weights and I'm planning on cutting down on the junk food.  Hopefully that will help.  I have apples, bananas, grapes, carrots, frozen strawberries, frozen blueberries, and lettuce on my grocery list.  Granted the lettuce won't be touched by me, it's still a pretty good list.  I found some recipes for strawberry slushies, so I plan to make those.  Hopefully the fruits will replace random sweet things I would usually be eating.  Now to find something to replace the salty things.  That will be tougher.

Saturday is the day of my mini-sessions at Krug Park.  I have a total of three people signed up.  Their times are 2:00, 3:30, and 5:30 and they are half hour slots.  Seems as though there will be quite a bit of standing around.  It seems that people aren't so interested in me for mini-sessions.  Maybe we can try again later, or maybe we should just do it this one time and forget it.  I guess we'll see.

This post is looking super boring with out photos.  Maybe sometime soon I'll update again and actually have something to look at....if I remember.

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  1. I'm super excited to start our work-out tomorrow! I really want to tone up and look super cute when Matt comes home!

    Also, to replace potato chips and other salty snacks, I go to popcorn! I like those 100 calorie bags.

    I hope your mini-shoots go well. I wish there would be more people signed up. People don't know a great deal when they see one. :-)