Sunday, March 11, 2012

I've Fallen Off...Again

Yep, I've failed and stopped exercising.  Yikes.  I think it was a lack of seeing results that made me stop.  But, I've got a pair of 2.5lb weights and plan on starting back up very, very soon.  The weather is going to be insanely awesome this week, so I'm actually thinking about running a bit in the morning.  I don't know if I can realistically pry myself out of bed early enough to get out and do it, but right now I think it sounds like a good idea.  I don't live too far from Central, so I could easily drive there, run/jog/walk for a bit, then come home and shower. 

All I know is that I've got to do something.  I'm back to my feeling-like-a-blob stage and I hate it.

A couple of weeks ago Miles and I went for a walk on the parkway and veered off into a bike path.  It was more of a hike that way, which we both like more.  Neither of us knew the path was there and it was crazy pretty!  I need to get a senior girl in a flowy dress to go back there to take pictures.  It'd be perfect for that.  Miles and I took some pictures of each other since he might be helping me in the future with some wedding photography.

The shoes in the second picture look terrible.  I'll definitely need to get a new pair before we do family pictures this spring.

Oh!  I've ordered two ruffly diaper covers from a seller on Etsy (I ordered last Saturday and she just shipped this about making me impatient!).  They're super cute and I should be getting them tomorrow.  I think on Thursday I'll be taking some newborn (eeeek) pictures.  I'm so stoked!  Okay, I'm stoked and completely nervous.  I would love, love, love to be great at newborn photography, but it's definitely something that requires tons of practice that I just simply don't have yet.  Hopefully I'll be able to get a few more babies lined up in the future and I can get better at it. 

Now I should shower.  We'll be going to Bible study in about an hour and I am so incredibly far from being ready.


  1. you should be more concerned about getting my banjolele!!!!

  2. thank you for blogging! I read this while eating my bowl of oatmeal. It was a delightful time!!