Sunday, January 15, 2012

Exercising|Knee Pain|Photography

Well, I've started my 30-day shred!  Today was my 10th day, and my first day on level two.  My goodness, I got used to level one that level two was super difficult.  I was feeling pretty good until I started...then I realized that I'm still completely out of shape.  Soon it'll get easier then I'll have to move to level three and be back here again.  I'm probably more surprised than anyone that I'm still doing it.  I've always given up a day or two into the workout.  I took before photos and took some today as third-of-the-way-through photos.  I don't think there was much of a difference if any.  But, hey, it's only the 10th day!  Hopefully the 20th and 30th will show something.

Okay, I started writing this post a couple of days ago.  The story is a bit different now.  As of today it's been 14 days since I've started the 30-day shred.  Sadly, I've taken two days off (one was only three days into it and it was just because I was terrible about setting aside a time to do it, and the other was yesterday because of knee pain).  On Friday I did a workout from a weight loss yoga video I bought before I got pregnant with Anna.  My knees have been hurting pretty badly for the passed few days.  I assume it's caused by a combination simply working out and doing so in bad shoes and on thick carpet.  I figured the yoga workout would be less impact for my knees but apparently it wasn't a good enough break for them, so I just had to refrain from it all yesterday.  Maybe I should have done that today, too?  I don't know, but my knees sure do hurt.  I did level one again of the 30-day shred workout, and I plan on attempting level two tomorrow if my knees feel better at all...or maybe I'll go back to the yoga workout.

My left knee feels like it wants to pop off my leg.  This is another reason I want a one story house instead of two.  Upstairs is so far away...and so many stairs away!

But, I guess it's safe to say my 30-day shred will be more like a 35-40-day shred.  But, I don't mind.  I'm in no rush.  And the good thing is that now I feel bad if I don't do any workout at all.  And, I kind of like feeling the mild soreness that comes from exercising.  That's an accomplishment in itself, I'd say.

That's my baby in the bath.  She's way too sweet/cute/funny/silly everything nice. 

That's the Badlands.  It was pretty there...but it's not related to the post.

I think that's enough for now.  Eventually I will finish the pictures from Christmas and New Year's Eve and post some of them.  I've been spending my editing time on some family pictures I took a couple of weeks ago.  But, I should be finished with those tomorrow or late tonight.  Really, I only have about one or two more to do, then I need to put a quote on one.  That shouldn't take too long.

Also, I've decided that if (I hope, I hope, I hope) I get a Nikon D7000 (please, please, please) then I would try to book more weddings.  I'd definitely keep my D80 and bring either Miles or Aimee along to help me.  I don't think I'd loathe wedding photography so much if I had a better camera and help.  A wedding is HUGE job for one person to photograph.  So, here's to hoping!  Of course, if that happened I'd need to actually make my photography business an actual business, which it's currently not.  Oh, to be able to charge $1200 for a wedding and not feel like I'm overcharging!  Oh, to feel like I'm actually getting paid enough to photograph a wedding!  Oh, the joy!

Okay, now I should shower...and take ibuprofen...yep.

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