Monday, January 11, 2010

I should really just go to sleep.

So, I'm sitting here working on pictures from the wedding. It's not all. I really don't want to be the main photographer on weddings anymore. There are too many people and just far too much pressure. There were many times when the flash on my camera didn't go off because the batteries weren't super brand new anymore (I went through so many batteries it's almost ridiculous). Those pictures looked pretty dark on my camera, but after uploading them I saw that they are basically black when on a computer. Oops.

They didn't really want any fun pictures and it was super cold. Not to mention the fact that it was a Catholic wedding and they're super long and boring. They had to do all these things that really weren't photo-worthy but I felt like a slacker when I sat down for a second to say something to my mom and get new batteries.

Hopefully I can get these pictures done fairly soon. In February or March I am going to take some maternity photos of Rebekah's sister. The baby is due in April, so hopefully it'll work out.
Then on June 5th I am taking photos at a reception. That should be pretty laid back and fun. I don't know how much they expect from me...but I do look forward to it not getting dark so early. We could actually do some pictures outside!

Saturday I was super tired. I couldn't get to sleep on Friday night since I had been closing all week I didn't have any reason to go to sleep early. I got to sleep around 2 and woke up at 6. I went to the hair place to take some pictures, but that really wasn't very necessary, though I thought I would get some good pictures from there...I really didn't. I got there around 8:30, then I drove to the church around 11. I had no idea where I was going, so they tried to tell me before I left the hair place, but of course I drove too far the first time. I had to do a U turn right by 36 highway. Finally I got there and got some pictures of her dress taken.
Then we did the groomsmen pictures, bridesmaids pictures, some of Rebekah by herself and Steven by himself. Then the wedding....oohhhh the wedding.
Then the family pictures, which was torture.

Going off to the reception was a relief, and driving home was an even bigger relief.

Miles and I got home probably around 9:30 and I went to sleep at 10:30. I was exhausted and my eyes were so very tired. I woke up at 9:40 today. I drank coffee, ate cereal, then went back to sleep until noon.

I'm glad it's over, but I wish these pictures would edit themselves.

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