Saturday, December 29, 2012

It's the Little Things

I feel like a lot has happened since I last updated.  We had snow, Christmas Eve, Christmas (usually in that order), a sick toddler, and...well that's basically it.  It seemed like a lot at the time.  Miles has been filling in for just about everyone at work, so he's been gone in the mornings and nights and that's always a bummer.  Usually he works 6am to 6pm on Saturdays and comes home super worn out, but today he only worked to noon.  That's nice, but it stills means he's taking a nap at the moment.  Anna just went down for the count, too. 

Let's recap the holidays thus far.

Sunday the 23rd we went to Miles' aunt Trisha's house.  We actually got there almost on time, which is weird for us.  Usually we are late on account of attending other celebrations right before.  It was a good time.  We ate food (wonderful) and Miles and I played a bit of pool.  I beat him the first game and the second game was cut short because neither of us could make any shots and Anna was getting cranky. 

Monday was Christmas Eve and not much was happening around here.  Kristi was visiting from Iowa with her son Xavier. 

He's super cute and I hadn't seen him for probably a year or so.  The plan was for him and Anna to play, but Anna got super sleepy while we waited for them to get here.  Looking back it's probably good that Anna wasn't up and around since she was sick soon after.  It was probably brewing at that point.

They were here for probably a little over an hour then headed back to Kristi's parents' house for the night.  We were supposed to see them again on the 26th before they went back to Iowa, but Anna's sickness was really starting to show and I told Kristi it'd probably be best to avoid us.  Hopefully they'll be able to come back soon and I can take pictures of Xman outside. 

Next was Christmas day.  Miles had to work 8-noon, so we stayed home from my Grandma Pike's house.  I wanted to be able to wake up Anna and open presents here before heading out anywhere.  She eventually woke up a little after noon and we started with stockings.  I fully intended on taking photos of this, but she's not a big fan of opening presents yet.  And I really don't think she felt all that great.  She sat on my lap for 80% of the time and the other 20% I was opening my presents or hers so there wasn't much room for a camera.  We're not huge present buyers.  I always feel like making or buying something with some meaning or importance is ideal...quality over quantity, I guess.  Anna got a few filler presents:  a Toy Story puzzle, an Elmo holiday book, a Sesame Street holiday coloring book and markers, and some candy.  Miles bought her a Buzz Lightyear toy that we both expected her to love.  He bought it on eBay and it also came with a small plastic Woody doll.  Of course Anna became way more attached to the Woody doll over the Buzz doll.  Wouldn't you know it?  Miles and I also got her a little toy dog that walks and barks.  Anna was absolutely terrified of that thing.  We thought she'd like that, too!  Anna is apparently always throwing us curve balls...or we just don't know her as well as we think we do.  (Sidenote:  Anna is no longer afraid of that dog, now she's just unsure about him.  She went up to him today and said, "Hey, puppy dog!  What are you doing?!") 

After we were all done at home we headed to my Grandma Pistole's house. 
We got there around 3:15 (3 was the time we all agreed on) and hung around for a few hours.  Anna was putting on a show for everyone in the basement.  She was dancing and singing and doing quite a lot of talking.  She still jabbers a bunch but there are more words you can catch now.  Once Kris, Matt, Kenzie, and Dallas showed up we opened presents.  Anna hit the jackpot.  Of course it felt like I hit the jackpot since Anna won't open presents.  She was starting to get cranky at this point and was ready for a nap.  After presents we went up stairs and got ready to eat.  I tried to get Anna to nap on the couch while every one else got their food.  Naturally, I failed.  After Miles was done eating the replaced me on the couch and I ate some food.  Miles and Anna both eventually fell asleep and it was super adorable.  Now would be a good time for a picture but I don't have one...whoops.

After we left my grandparents' house we headed to my parents' house.  No pictures of that either.  I'm failing left and right.  Anna/I hit the jackpot again.  My parents bought Miles and me a new microwave (score!) since the tray broke in our previous one and our food kept burning on the edges while still being frozen in the middle.  After a couple of hours there we headed home.  Miles wasn't feel well, and Anna was starting to act like she didn't feel well either. 

The day after Christmas Miles worked in the morning again.
Anna had too much work for only one computer and played with her new flashlight from Ma and Papa.  Then we headed to my parents' house for lunch.  Anna was happy for the most part until we were about to head home.  She was super duper cranky, was warm, and acted like her mouth hurt.  I got her some medicine and we came home.  Once we were home she acted better and I got her some yogurt before I was going to give her a bath.  Well, right when I stood up to take her upstairs she threw up all over me...twice.  I gave her a quick bath and set up a bed for her on the couch and put on Baby Einsteins.  She fell asleep and I cleaned up the rest of the mess.  She woke up a few hours later and acted perfectly normal. 

Thursday Anna woke up happy.  She had cereal and acted normal again.  She played for a bit then acted tired, so I put her down for nap.  She slept for about 15 minutes before waking up crying.  I brought her downstairs to sit with me when she got super fussy.  Time for round two!  I had just made her a bed on the couch again and was getting Baby Einsteins ready to her when she threw up all over the couch, Miles' pillow, and her blanket.  At least this time Miles was here to help!  He cleaned up the living room while I cleaned up Anna.  I got her laid down on the couch while Miles went to the store to get her some soup and gatorade.  She fell asleep for a few hours and woke up acting a bit better.  Friday she had a few moments of fussiness (I keep typing fuzzy instead of fussy), but was better overall.  And today she's basically normal!  Of course normal Anna is a handful already, but hey, that's much better than a super sad sick baby Anna. 

As for the rest of the day...I think I'll finish my chips and dip then take a shower.  We're in desperate need of a trip to the store so I think I'll do that.  I took down the tree yesterday and cleaned up a bit today.  Of course there's always more cleaning to do, so maybe I'll do that, too.  Eh, we'll see.

P.S.  The whole reason I titled this post "It's the Little Things" wasn't even mentioned.  Let me touch on that. 
1)  I was happy that Anna's first bought of vomiting mainly landed on me since we have carpet.  Never before did I think I'd be happy to be puked on over it landing on the floor.
2)  I bought new trash bags and they stretch to fit around the top of the trash can.  The last bags we bought kept falling and were super annoying.  So, these new bags make me happy...way happier than trash bags should.

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