Saturday, August 25, 2012


Well, it's been almost a month since I've updated.  I'm still boggled as to how I ever updates more than once a day at the beginning.  What in the world was going on in my life that I felt it needed to be typed out ASAP?  Yikes.

Anyway, I figured I should type something now since I'm not in the middle of any projects.  Let's see...what is going on in my life now?  Well, my birthday is tomorrow and I'll be 25.  I forget that I'm not actually 25 already.  At times I feel like I never passed 19, but then I'll feel like I've been 24 forever.  Tonight my mom is having a dinner for me for my birthday.  We'll be having roast beef, homemade noodles, mashed potatoes, fried chicken, and egg noodles.  Seriously!  I was jokingly telling her all of the food I wanted her to make for me and she said she's do it.  Amazing!  I think I'll probably gain 20 pounds tonight alone.  It'll be worth it!

Yesterday Miles took me out and about.  We started off by eating at Cheddar's, which was pretty tasty.  Next we went to Old Navy with the intention of buying a purse.  The purse I'm using now I bought for about $3 at Kmart before I even got pregnant with Anna.  The problem is that I hate about 90% of purses that I find at stores these days.  Anyway, Old Navy was a bust, so we moved on to Target.  We checked out their clearance, tried on a few dresses and some dress pants.  The dresses were tragic and the pants fit my waist but were too loose on my legs.  Then we stopped by TJMaxx.  I usually don't really like TJMaxx but I was surprisingly successful.  I found a pair of comfy dress pants to wear to the weddings I'll be photographing in the upcoming months for $20, and a dress for $15.

It had some snags on a few of the frills, but I snipped them off and it's perfect!  Now I just need a reason to wear it!

Another thing on my mind is Anna's birthday.  I had previously decided that I'd put on a super simple party for her since it's going to be a fairly busy month for us.  Turns out, I'm just not happy with that.  Go figure!  I'm still not planning on doing anything too fancy, but I just can't leave well enough alone.  I worked on her invitation the other day.  I would go ahead and make them, but we're unsure about the location and time as of now.  I'm thinking that I'd like to have it at our house since the kids could play on the swing set in the backyard, but I'm not sure if there's enough seating.  We'll figure it out.

I glittered up an A for her!  It'll be hanging somewhere for her party.

Alright, now I need to go be productive.  I see vacuuming in my near future...and hopefully some cleaning of tables and desks.  This place is cluttered!

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