Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I think I've pinched a nerve. Or something. Editing pictures and feeding Anna in this computer chair have been detrimental to my health. I slouch constantly and now my shoulder/neck muscle thingy hurts and has a kind of numb feeling to it. It's the same numb feeling that my c-section scar still has. Weird.

It's been awhile since I've written anything, which is weird because I actually have a few things to write about.

Let's see...

Miles and I are moving (Lord willing). We're currently on the hunt for a 2 bed (at least) house to rent with either a garage or basement, washer/dryer hook ups, and central air. That's really all we ask for. Miles called a few places today to get more information. One place doesn't allow smoking outside...weird. Tomorrow we're going to check out a house on Monterey at 1. I have high hopes for it, so I hope I'm not disappointed. The downside of it is that we'd pay everything...and I mean everything. But, I guess I do expect that. The upsides seem to be more plenteous. There's 2 bedrooms, a backroom type thing (hopefully that means one of the rooms can be for Anna), a basement, a small yard (which is good when you have two people that don't like mowing), a swing on the porch, and it's only a few blocks from Bartlett. That's promising. Hopefully it's cute inside.

Miles also called a lady that's renting the house across from Zach. I think it was an office number so I'm pretty sure she was gone for the day, but hopefully we'll hear back tomorrow. I'm stoked to get out of this apartment. We just have too much stuff and I'm tired of constantly tripping. I'd also like to get Anna into her own room. We need to get her a crib or something of the sort. The co-sleeper we've usurped from Mandy has been spectacular, but Anna is getting too big for it now, so we're going to have to find something else.

In other news, Miles gave me a project. He's given me the job of redoing the living room. My plan was to cover our existing pillows with grey, white, and yellow fabrics (mainly yellow), get new curtains (which we did buy some white ones), paint our coffee table light grey with a chevron white and grey pattern on top, paint a tray I bought at Goodwill bright yellow, find a bookcase and new lamps and get rid of our side tables. We might be getting rid of our loveseat, but I'm starting to think we should wait to see where we end up and how much space we have. Either way, I think I am just going to put off redoing the living room until we move. Might as well decorate it to fit the new space and not this one.

I also think I want to do some embroidery. Maybe on some pillows? Or something. I don't know...but I do like the idea. I just want to make things!

I think Anna will be getting her first tooth in the next couple of days. I don't know how long it takes for a tooth to pop up once it starts, but while feeding her tonight she was super cranky and I noticed a little red spot on her bottom gums. Hopefully the pain wasn't for nothing and we'll see a tooth soon. That'd be exciting. Also, she's been biting me while eating the last couple of days. Is that a sign?

Okay maybe I didn't have as much to say as I thought.

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