Sunday, November 14, 2010

Anna is Cute

I never know what to write in here anymore. I also don't ever know how to start out posts when I actually do decide to write something. More often than not I'll start writing then decide that whatever I was going to say isn't important enough to post so I just delete it.

I got an email from my grandpa the other day. He was telling me to be careful who I decide to follow in the way of beliefs. Sure, that's good advice, but I'd say it's good advice for everyone...even him. I'm not mad, sad or anything similar to those emotions. I'd say I'm just not surprised. It's what happens when what you believe isn't popular...with anyone. 'Tis life.

Thanksgiving is coming up in a couple of weeks. I'm quite excited for it. I guess I'm just a big fan of food. I must say that I'm actually more excited for Christmas. Though both families are limited the gift giving I'm going to get something for everyone...or more so make something for everyone. I like to make things for people. It makes me happy.

Yesterday Miles and I rented "Robin Hood." We started watching it around 4:30 and I fell asleep around 5:15 probably. Miles fell asleep soon after. I woke up at 6 but he stayed asleep until about 1. It makes me laugh that when Anna is sleeping all we can really stand to do is sleep. Speaking of Anna sleeping, that is what she's doing now. She smiles in her sleep and it's super adorable.

I've been working on those pictures still. Not today, but I got what felt like quite a few done yesterday. So far they're some of my favorites.

Tomorrow I'm going to the grocery store. I'm quite excited about that. I'll be taking Miss Anna with me so hopefully she sleeps the whole time. That'll make the trip much easier.

Now on to finish listening to a study by Ron Exum.

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